Jack Laurence is an ordinary man with a good job and a family he loves…Until he isn’t.
Left with only a diary to share his innermost thoughts, Jack gradually loses touch with a reality he feels has abandoned him. He surrenders to a new life of drink, drugs and murderous revenge with nihilistic humour, but he finds himself overwhelmed by his minds companions. These demons and guides fight for control, each with their own agenda, yet somehow linked to a mysterious young girl whose fate seems intertwined with Jack’s own.
Switching between diary and novel, ‘For all is Vanity’ is a story of a man teetering on the edge of madness.

“A profound and Profoundly disturbing book…not the kind of writing you would ever get from mainstream publishing…far too ‘dangerous’ and for me, a very good reason why we should support ‘indie’ publishing.” – Cally Philips ’50 years a reader’, ‘McRenegades’



daydreams and devils cover

A mixture of crime, coming of age and dark humour, ‘Daydreams and Devils’ is a tale of friendship, viciousness and fine lines.
Vincent, with his sadistic right hand Frankie, seeks to expand his interests with his own brand of gangland psycho terrorism.
James, a young music obsessive, leaves school determined to do life his way, dreaming of glory in a gang with guitars.
But as two worlds collide will dreams become nightmares?

What readers are saying:

“Demons exist between the ears of Robert Cowan, author of Daydreams and Devils, and, thankfully, he’s seen fit to splatter them haphazardly across the pages of this fine novel. I loved it, the imagination, the images evoked by the prose and the skill involved in bringing it all together.
Consider, if you will, a blank canvas. Then, invite one Jackson Pollock along with his tubes of paints and tell him to be ‘absolutely, no-holds-barred, vivid’. Daydreams and Devils is, I’m quite sure, what you would end up with.
I can’t recommend this piece highly enough”

“With his second offering, Robert Cowan has avoided any treading of water and built on the best of his debut, The Search for Ethan, developing his skillset substantially. With shifting narrative, complex and engaging characters, and an entertaining plot peppered with occasionally acerbic humour, Cowan’s sophomore offering shows none of the signs of that difficult second album.”

Another wonderful book from Robert Cowan. Blends two stories in a funny yet violent way. Cowan is the master of entertaining dialogue. He allows us to connect with the characters through their rich and sometimes disgusting language.

“I adored this book. It was face paced, exciting and full of humour. I couldn’t wait to turn the page and finished it in a few days. Loved how both stories came together in the end. Brilliantly written!!!”




ethan cover5x8 title moved

A gritty contemporary drama brimming with dark humour. Two typical teenage lives are transformed after a night of hallucinogenic experimentation, when the subsequent bad trip spills into their real lives with tragic consequences. A desperate but comically bizarre search for redemption begins, with help from an unlikely source.

What readers are saying:

“This novel is a riot from start to finish. With echoes of Irvine Welsh’s Glue, Gregory’s Girl, and Tarantino’s B-Movie obsession, Cowan takes us on a zig-zag bobsleigh ride (with no brakes) through Lanarkshire’s darkest corners. A story about friendship and tragedy, love and renewal, it entertains from first page to last. Great fun.”
“This is the kind of novel for readers who want to be pulled into a gritty story and come out of it moved by its poignancy”. – underground book reviews

“This was my literary surprise of 2014…With his debut novel, Cowan joins the ranks of a new breed of British novelists, telling their stories the way they want them told. Wonderful.

“I’d love to come up with some magnificent philosophical insight into the majesty of this book, but it would be silly. This is not a book that wants a pretentious analysis, it is a book that deserves a direct, honest appraisal. I couldn’t put the damn thing down”

“a little gem of a novel… full of warmth, humour and real character… reminiscent of Roddy Doyle’s chancers and layabouts”

“This is hands down one of the best books I have read this year. Robert Cowan has a unique style that piqued my curiosity from the first paragraph and held me firmly in his literary grips until the very last page. ..Not often comes along a book that sticks with me for days after I put it down. Cowan managed to do just that in his superbly crafted debut novel.”

“Started out like a cross between Gregory’s Girl and Trainspotting and then got a whole lot darker. The sort of dark humour Scottish writers excel at … think Christopher Brookmyre.”


I also have a short story (‘Security of supply’)in this excellent collection, featuring a host of great indie writers!




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