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I live in a small town in Scotland, with my wife Carol, Son Keith, daughter Fern and two cats, Finn and Mia.

After years of making music and song writing, the Search for Ethan was my first novel. The second is Daydreams and Devils is out now.

More?..See Blog posts Mazy Run 1 & 2. Also:

I saw a show on TV on the glory days of vinyl. In it there was a quote along the lines of “walking down the street with an album sleeve under your arm was a statement, it said everything about you.” Taking that for a walk, here are my top ten “statements”, starting with books. It will no doubt change with time. In no order worthy of the name.

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S Thompson
Desolation angels – Jack Kerouac
On the Road – Jack Kerouac
Stones Touring Party – Robert Greenfield
Trainspotting – Irvin Welsh
Ask the Dust – John Fante
Glue – Irvine Welsh
Junky – William Burroughs
Factotum – Charles Bukowski
The Road – Cormac McCarthy

Exile on Main Street – The Rolling Stones
Live 1969 Live – Velvet Underground
Berlin – Lou Reed
Revolver – The Beatles
London Calling – The Clash
Never Mind The Bollocks – The Sex Pistols
Sweetheart of the Rodeo – The Byrds
Quadrophenia – The Who
LA Woman – The Doors
Pet Sounds – The Beach boys

The Searchers
The Godfather
Apocalypse Now
East of Eden
Pulp Fiction
Enter The Dragon
Withnail and I

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