Christ, it’s been a while since my last post. In my defense I’ve been engrossed in the writing of the new book, now definitely called ‘Firm’. I had hoped by the end of the year that I would have broke the back of it, but it’s way past that. The first draft is in the bag.

My last book, ‘For all is Vanity’, was a dark, introverted, experimental affair, stretching me as a writer and hopefully the reader too. I was a bit nervous when it was published as to whether people would ‘get it’, so different was it from my first two. Thankfully the reviews have been great and sales well in excess of what I expected.

For the next one I wanted to write something different. 180 degrees different. Still in some ways dealing with madness, but this time a comedy about the wonderful madness of Glasgow exported out into the world…Or at least the American part of it. Authentic Glasgow, or Glesga, including its own rich dialect. A commercial gamble no doubt, but…fuck it. While I’ve avoided accents before, for ‘Firm’, it was a no brainer, a fundamental part of the characters and their story. As I mentioned elsewhere, not going with the full accent would be as authentic as Tesco own brand Irn Bru. A very unsatisfactory experience I can assure you. My sink didn’t seem to like it much either.

Another part of the Glasgow experience, the ‘Old Firm’ rivalry of Celtic and Rangers, and the sectarianism that fuels its unique intensity forms the platform for the story. But it’s a platform transcended by friendship, which is what the book is really about. Gary Docherty (Celtic) and Michael Stark (Rangers), and their journey from funeral, the East end of Glasgow, New York, to New Orleans. Suffice to say they cross paths with a few interesting characters along the way.  I’ll give more details nearer publish day.

I’ve enjoyed writing this book more than any other. I’ve loved it actually and while it has its serious moments, if you laugh half as much reading it as I did writing it then, job done. I really can’t wait to get it out. There will be the usual editing, proofing, cover design malarkey to get through but it’s close.

Till next time.

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