So here we go. Mazy run number 1. The first thing to say is that what appears here will be pretty much what pops into my head, just typed up. I don’t plan on any editing, fixing, re writes etc. Whether you want to call it stream of consciousness or a load of rambling old pish…that I will leave to you. The posts will generally be short as they will give me a sore head too. There’s only so much rambling old pish any one can take after all. There will also be reviews of books I read, maybe albums too, though these will probably be of a prehistoric nature. I don’t plan on having star ratings, just let the words do the job.

So, why am I writing this? Truthfully, I have just written a book (see fetching cover / carving combo above) which I seek to shamelessly promote, and apparently this is what you do. Mercifully I suspect / hope there will be more to it than that or this will be short lived, withered on the vine by boredom all round. It’s certainly bad manners to introduce yourself by dropping your trousers and pointing at your bits, so, I believe its normal practice to give some insight into yourself, and there’s no practice like normal practise (rambling pish alarm):

I was born in Bellshill on 17th Feb 1963. No that’s not a typo. Yes it is a long time ago. I went to Mossend primary, where I did fine. On to Bellshill academy where I did more than fine, bit of a smart cunt truth be told. (Apparently I swear a lot…and use the word apparently), however, the only real long term legacy from school was meeting the guy’s I’ve been friends with since that dim and distant time. Billy, Boab, Cunny, Wilkie, Ricky I salute you. Shortly afterwards I also met Big Jim, so consider yourself saluted too. All that saluting and not a flag in sight…I digress. The other legacy from school was the ignition of a lifelong obsession with music. More of that will come in the future no doubt. Suffice to say hearing Billy’s brothers copy of the Stones Rolled Gold album was my year zero moment. To paraphrase / rip off John Lennon, before that, everything was black and white. God bless them!

Next up, Strathclyde University “studying” Mechanical Engineering. Far more importantly I bought a drum kit with my grant (Once upon a time students got free money…no really). Engineering books seemed such a waste of it, while I still have the drum kit. During my time there, myself and said mates started a band, playing mostly covers of the Stones, the Who, Stooges etc. A lot of good bands came from Bellshill. BMX bandits, Teenage Fanclub to name two. Check them out…Where was I, yes, so we played some gigs, including one out in the sticks which resulted in a sharp exit and high speed car chase…my memory is a bit vague, something to do with someone (not me) trying it on with someone from another bands girlfriend and mocking the audience as hillbillies…anyhow. We chased our dreams down the road as well but…the usual differences in ambition put paid to the band, but not to the friendships.

Around this time I met the lovely Carol, a seismic event, and with the foundation of a right good New Year snog, started going out and were later married. Altogether…Aawww. Still are. Aawww. Calm it.

I then joined another band with a guy from uni called Iain Burns (the guy not the band), and a friend of his, Colin Wakeford (who has some music on line, worth listening to). This was doing more original material. We even got on the radio as Mark Goodier’s band of the week. I remember vividly listening to it at a mates house thinking ‘This is it, I’ve made it!” What…a…fanny! Very exciting though. Again gigs, dreams of stardom but…see above.

Sore head.

NEXT TIME – My life in miniature Pt 2. The duration between next times will be pretty random as will most things…but random is good.

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Fucking Brilliant. Buy. Click on books tab thingy above for more details.

dEaDINBURGH: Alliances (Din Eidyn Corpus Book 2) – MARK WILSON Available to pre order.

This is the second instalment of Mark Wilson’s dEadinburgh trilogy. If you haven’t read part one, (surely not?), the story is set decades in the future in a quarantined Edinburgh, infected by a virus which turns all those bitten into zombies. However, it’s not a typical zombie tale, all about staying one step ahead of the undeads permanently active gnashers. It’s much cleverer than that. The zombies are almost part of the landscape, providing the backdrop to far more dangerous adversaries.

I’m not going to tell you what it’s all about. I’ve never seen the point in that. Who wants spoilers? However, as in the first episode, it centres on the two main characters of Alys and Joey, who unite once more in a storm of martial arts and angst.   If anything this is even better than the first instalment, with Wilson showing no signs of running out of steam. Far from it. His writing matures with each book, and this one builds through a tight plot line and well developed characters, to an absolutely cracking finale, with a really unexpected twist.

This can be bought as a stand-alone, or as part of an anthology. Available to pre order now!



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